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German Jing Fang Institut

Fortbildungsinstitut für Klassische Chinesische Medizin

We are an institute devoted to the propagation of Classical Chinese Medicine, especially of the Classical Formulas (Jing Fang).

Our goals are to propagate the knowledge about the Classical Formulas (Jing Fang) by means of

- research on Classical Formulas (Jing Fang)

- teaching, i.e. giving seminars on Classical Formulas (Jing Fang)

- translation of classical and modern works on Classical Formulas (Jing Fang) from Chinese and Japanese sources,

in order to make this ancient knowledge readily available to Chinese medicine practitioners in the modern Western world.

In 2013, Andreas Kalg and Dietmar Wohl, two long-standing students of Huang Huang’s, founded the German Jing Fang Institute at Prof. Huang Huang’s suggestion. Prof. Huang Huang from Nanjing, China, is one of the world’s leading Jing Fang physicians, famous for his groundbreaking textbooks, teachings, and clinical results alike.

The Classical Formulas (Jing Fang) from the Chinese medical classics Shang Han Lun und Jin Gui Yao Lue are the foundation and core of Chinese herbal medicine. These Classical Formulas (Jing Fang) have been proving effective for at least two millennia and are still effective today. Moreover, many of the Chinese medical formulas that have become famous later on (Shi Fang) are based on Classical Formulas (Jing Fang). Only by understanding the Classical Formulas one will be able to understand later formulas. Only then one will be able to use them reasonably in one’s clinical practice.

Prof. Huang Huang has developed his practicable system of constitution types that makes it easy to use the Classical Formulas effectively and save in clinical practice. 

Starting off from the main herbs of each of the ten key formulas, he has described herb constitution types. In his second step, he has described constitution types for each of the major Classical Formulas. By means of analyzing the constitution type of a patient and matching it with his disease, one can find a suitable formula. This we call the therapeutic triangle, i.e. the connection of the person with his specific constitution with his disease and the suitable formula. This invaluable knowledge we want to share with other Chinese medicine practitioners in our courses and publications.

Our institute is not restricted to a fixed location. Our center is located right in the middle of Germany, in Herborn, 90 kilometers away from Frankfurt. But we offer our Jing Fang courses at different places throughout Germany, for instance in Berlin, Augsburg (Bavaria), and other cities in Germany. We also have cooperating partners in Basel and Zurich in Switzerland. If you would like to cooperate with us, feel free to contact us.

Our courses in Germany and Switzerland are held in German of course but we would be very delighted to give English classes in other European countries.

Once a year, Prof. Huang Huang comes to Germany for lectures. Prof. Huang teaches in Chinese and his lectures are translated into German or English by Dr. Andreas Kalg.

Most of the information of this website is only provided in German. We apologize for that. If you should have any questions or suggestions, you are very welcome to contact us.